Scion wanted to attract younger, more digitally-savvy millennials to their website. The question was how to do it. Simple. Hand them the keys. Pushing the boundaries of a traditional website, users were given the opportunity to not only build and order their dream Scion right on the site, they could also create a movie starring their newly designed car. Tied to their Facebook accounts’ photo library, the experience was completely customizable, personal and sharable.

Campaign Elements: Promotion | Digital | Social | Video

First, users were able to choose their movie plot line (Romance, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Drama, Action)…

The car configurator let users choose exterior options like alloy wheels and car color…

Next, users chose interior options like mats, interior lighting and the sound system…

Users watched a “speedometer” status graphic grow as their movie was created. Once created, users could watch their movie and share it via social media.

Campaign Elements: Promotion | Digital | Social | Video

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