New Penn

New Penn

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to truck drivers. They work late nights. The job is dirty. Not the best images when it comes to recruiting during a driver shortage – especially when talking to millennials. But with New Penn, things are different. Flexible work schedules and clean, safe work environments mean the adventures you’ll have are the ones you create.

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Throughout history, mankind has used the art of storytelling to make connections and pass along knowledge. This video series utilized that age-old art to dispel some myths and entice millennials.

Millennials live on their devices. A responsive website is key. This one provided quick, compelling facts and one-click access to the application portal.

Taking a new twist on trucking stereotypes, a series of ads showed the life the target audience could be living as a New Penn driver.

A series of banner ads gave readers a glimpse into the New Penn driver lifestyle.

Campaign Elements: Recruitment | Video | Digital | Print | Social

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