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What is the difference between

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing?

In short, Digital Marketing utilizes digital methods to reach an audience such as websites, display and programmatic ads and paid search whereas Social Media Marketing focuses solely on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. With Digital Marketing, you are able to utilize a variety of media forms including online advertising, mobile, television and websites. Social Media Marketing on the other hand gives you the option to utilize paid advertisements which targets ads to your specific audience, as well as organic posts which appear only to those who follow your company.

What’s better, Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing?

We get that question often. And the answer is there is no answer. Every brand is unique and has a customer base that consumes information differently. For some, Digital is the way to go. Others, Social does the job best. However, we’ve found there is no perfect digital media for everyone. That’s why we take the time to get to know your brand and identify your marketing goals. From there, we can create a profile of your audience and design a digital media plan based on those findings. More often than not, we’ve found the best media plan is a combination of both Digital and Social Media. And, since our advertising agency constantly monitors and analyzes digital marketing campaign performance, we are able to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the campaigns are fully optimized to perform their best.

Does Test Pilot feel a digital media only plan will work?

There are instances where an exclusively Digital and Social Media plan are appropriate. And there are other times where digital media will completely miss the mark. Again, in most instances, our advertising agency has found a blend of Multi-Channel Communications is the way to go.

But let’s look into that a little deeper. Imagine you own a skateboard shop. With the average age of a skateboarder being around 14 years old, you can probably guess Digital and Social Media advertising would be a great place to invest your advertising budget. But wait. Skateboards can get quite pricy. Not to mention the pads, helmets, extra wheels and bearings, and host of other things. So where does a 14-year-old scrape together that kind of cash? Yep, Mom and Dad. So now, the demographic has shifted, not to mention the message. Knowing that, it would be smart to allocate a portion of the marketing budget to target those parents – and it might not be exclusively on digital channels.

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