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There’s a funny thing that happens when strategic, creative advertising and marketing campaigns hit the marketplace: positive results. Here are a few case studies that explain how we do it.


Protecting people and facilities in unprecedented times.

Dial Professional Hand Hygiene Sales Tools

Dial is known for being the #1 recommended antibacterial soap and is trusted in homes across the globe. But they also make hand sanitizers, laundry detergent and more for personal use in commercial settings. With one call, a facility can get all the hand hygiene products they need to help protect their staff, customers and visitors.


Initially, the project was to create a brochure, videos, posters and placards for their Education Vertical. The brochure was intended to inform superintendents about the Dial products they can place throughout their schools, with supplemental videos, posters and placards to be used to promote hand hygiene throughout primary, secondary and college campuses. Competition to supply these school systems with products was fierce – especially in the middle of a global pandemic.


Upon deeper analysis and client discussions, it was apparent the brochure needed to be more of a solutions brochure consisting of an informative narrative in conjunction with specific product callouts rather than just a simple informative brochure. In addition, two sets of video, poster and placard creative were delivered – one targeting elementary and middle schools and the second targeting high schools and colleges.


The impact of the Education Vertical campaign was immediate – so much so that the three other key business lines of Food Service, Hospitality and Healthcare promptly requested similar campaigns be created for their Verticals. The shift from an informative to a solutions brochure proved to be beneficial as decision makers now have a resource to not only understand Dial Professional’s product offerings, but also a way to visualize their facilities and how the products can integrate within them.


Connecting high-end buyers and sellers with the rare and coveted.

Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery Brand Refresh

As one of the most respected auction houses in the Southeast, Ahlers & Ogletree was well known throughout the auctioning community. However, outside that community, there was little awareness about auctions, much less Ahlers & Ogletree.


While Ahlers & Ogletree enjoyed a reputation within the auctioning, collecting and antiquing communities, they wanted to boost awareness among others in the higher wealth communities within a 60-mile radius of the Auction House. In addition, they wanted to focus on increasing their average lot value.


The first step of boosting awareness and increasing the average lot value was to conduct target audience research. Those findings informed the creation of a fresh brand look, feel and tone that would appeal to both current sellers and buyers, as well as those who have never experienced an auction before. Once the brand was developed, a multi-channel advertising campaign was created and launched consisting of print ads in focused publications, a robust Facebook program, a digital display and retargeting program, a paid search strategy, and a completely revised website.


The campaign exceeded all expectations and outperformed all benchmarks:

  • In just two years, revenue grew over 112%
  • Clean, focused Print Ads saw a boost in engagement and brand perception
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ads saw a Click-Through Rate (CTR) 102% above the Benchmark of 0.50%
  • The Digital Display campaign saw a CTR 110% above the Benchmark of 0.10%
  • The Paid Search campaign saw a CTR 157% above the Benchmark of 2%
  • Website traffic saw an average of 99% of New Users


A comprehensive approach to evolving an established brand.

Boogie Board Website Refresh, New Product Launches and Paid Search Campaign

Since 2009, Boogie Board has been the go-to LCD reusable writing and drawing tablet for work, play and learning environments. As their innovations and product offerings grew, so did the need to inform the world of these new offerings while helping evolve the overall brand image.


With sales spanning across 40 countries worldwide, maintaining a constant connection to their customers was proving to be more important than ever. It was apparent Boogie Board needed a comprehensive plan to refresh the ecommerce website, drive online sales, introduce new product offerings and advance their brand.


Working with Boogie Board’s internal marketing team, Test Pilot began by spearheading efforts to refresh the website. From simplifying the navigation to enable customers to shop based on how they use Boogie Board products, to creating a more modern look and tone, to conducting a complete SEO and keyword audit, the entire website was updated. Once the website was complete, a robust paid search program was launched to help drive website traffic. In addition, fun and informative videos were created to introduce Boogie Board’s newest product offerings.


In just the first 60 days, the program delivered exceptional performance:

  • Paid Search saw a Click-Through Rate 150% above the Benchmark of 2%
  • Paid Search delivered a 79.18% ROI
  • The website saw a 72.74% YoY increase in sessions with a 63.4% YoY increase of New Users
  • The website’s YoY ecommerce conversion rate increased 67.2%
  • The website had a 51% YoY increase in pageviews
  • Branded keyword performance improved dramatically with nine keywords and phrases earning perfect 10 quality scores
  • Boogie Board saw an 188.82% YoY increase in transactions with a 175% YoY increase in revenue


Empowering women in the anti-money laundering industry.

AML RightSource Paid Social Campaign

The AML (Anti-Money Laundering) world is dominated by males. AML RightSource wanted to change that perception. So they teamed up with other AML companies to create ETWIA (Empowering Together: Women in AML) and wanted to spearhead efforts to announce the formation of this inclusive group.


AML RightSource is a very respected company in the anti-money laundering space. But even with their solid reputation, the industry’s predominately male workforce makes it difficult to attract women, much less get them to engage with the AML community.


Research was conducted to identify which social channels women in leadership positions engage with and when those engagements happen. Based on those findings, a paid social media campaign was created for Facebook and LinkedIn explaining the new ETWIA initiative and how to get involved.


The ETWIA Social Campaign performed better than expected. Engagement was up and all benchmarks for Facebook and LinkedIn were beat:

  • Facebook saw a Click-Through Rate (CTR) 88% above the Benchmark of 0.40%
  • LinkedIn saw a CTR 51% above the Benchmark of 0.35%
  • LinkedIn InMail saw an Open Rate 41% above Open Rate Range of 25%
  • LinkedIn InMail saw a CTR Rate 160% above Click-Through Rate Range of 2%
  • Website traffic saw an average of 81% of New Users


Creating the LINC between airfield lighting and airfield sensors.


ADB SAFEGATE is well respected and provides integrated solutions to airports across the globe spanning from the airfield to the tower to the gate to raise efficiency, improve safety, boost environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs. When they developed their latest system, a revolutionary integrated lighting and multi-sensor airfield system, they needed a name that would resonate with airports around the world.


Serving airports in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, ADB SAFEGATE was viewed as a global leader in airport performance and safety. Their new integrated airfield lighting and sensor system was a game changer in the industry. But it needed a name that would not only give a nod to its one-of-a-kind capabilities, but a name that could be used globally without any copyright or trademark infringements.


After conducting some preliminary, high level research, it was apparent a copyright lawyer would be needed to clear the name on a global scale. After developing several naming options, a favorite name was chosen, and the global search began. There are four levels to a global search: First Level U.S. Screen, Second Level U.S. Screen, First Level Global Screen, and Second Level Global Screen. The First and Second Level U.S. Screens proved to be clear. This was a great early indicator for the global screens, so ADB SAFEGATE felt comfortable running only the First Level Global Screen and forgoing the much more expensive and time consuming Second Level Screen. Again, the First Level Global Screen came back clear.


While the screenings took six months to conduct – primarily due to the fact many overseas countries do not have a standardized copyright and trademark department like the U.S. – ADB SAFEGATE was able to launch their newest product, Reliance LINC 360, with confidence to their global customers. The name was so well received, ADB SAFEGATE reached out to Test Pilot to name, brand and launch their next global product.


Short-term and long-term imaging solutions on your terms.

KMG Website Redesign

As the marketplace for imaging evolves, it is vital to not just stay on the curve, you need to stay ahead of it. While KMG had a strong base with those who understand KMG’s deep expertise, unmatched service and vast array of products, the perception outside of their core customers was that KMG’s offerings were less than robust.


KMG had a longstanding reputation for providing full buildout Fixed Base MRI, CT and PET/CT suites. However, the past few years found them doing a majority of Interim and Mobile Imaging solutions. This created some confusion in the marketplace as to what KMG really does.


A vast majority of KMG’s business with potential customers and existing customers start with them visiting the website. The redesign focused on the two major solutions – Interim and Fixed Base – and provided clarity as to what each entails, the advantages of each, and what other support services can complement each solution.


The KMG Website Redesign showed immediate results and continues to be one of their most vital sales tools by delivering:

  • 27% increase of website traffic in first 90 days
  • Organic search increases of 100%
  • Deeper Understanding of KMG’s Interim and Fixed Base Solutions
  • Reduced time to get customers into the sales funnel
  • Higher inquiry into additional services and upgrades


A multi-tiered approach to driving brand awareness and website traffic.

Harpst Becker Brand Awareness Social Campaign

Harpst Becker is a highly respected business law firm in the Akron, OH area. As the firm continued to grow, it became apparent their brand awareness needed to do the same – with special emphasis in the Construction Law and Employment Law practice areas.


With a solid reputation in the Akron, OH area, Harpst Becker was known for being the firm to call for all business law needs. Over the years, Harpst Becker began to carve out specialty practice areas within business law, with Construction Law and Employment Law being among the most prominent. They came to Test Pilot to help spread awareness to key counties outside the Akron area for the overall firm and the two key practice areas, while also driving website traffic.


In order to effectively spread awareness and drive website conversion, Test Pilot conducted extensive target audience research. This research revealed most businesses would be seeking legal counsel within the next year and would prefer to hire a firm that is active on social platforms – specifically LinkedIn. Using this information, a multi-tiered LinkedIn campaign was created to grow awareness of the Harpst Becker brand and the specific practice areas of Construction Law and Employment Law, as well as boost website conversion.


In just three months, the campaign drove tremendous results:

  • The Branding ads saw a Click-Through Rate (CTR) 70% above the Benchmark of 0.10%
  • The Construction Law ads saw a CTR 90% above the Benchmark of 0.10%
  • The Employment Law ads saw a CTR 30% above the Benchmark of 0.10%
  • The website saw an increase in users, with 98% of them being first-time visitors


Hard hats that work as hard as you do.

Jackson Safety Product Videos

Jackson Safety is known for providing premium safety and protective equipment for a wide range of construction and worksite environments. In order to introduce their new line of hard hats, and highlight the unique features and benefits of each, videos were created for


With stiff competition and a wide variety of hard hat options, it is vital to explain the unique features of Jackson Safety head protection in a compelling, authentic manner that will hold the viewer’s attention and reinforce the overall brand.


Once full understanding of the brand was established, the competition was carefully analyzed to identify points of difference between products. These insights provided the content needed to create four :44 Amazon product videos. What’s more, it became apparent the videos needed to be shot in work environments where the hard hats would actually be worn. A thorough location scout identified unique, real-life locations in which the videos were created, each highlighting the appropriate hard hat and the corresponding features and benefits appropriate for each workplace environment.


The videos have been a tremendous success on Amazon. Due to this success, the videos were repurposed for use on other digital channels. In addition, the videos were featured on the Jackson Safety website.



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