Test Pilot is an independent, strategic advertising agency who believes in the power of a brand. The way it makes you feel. It’s ability to shape consciousness. The stories it tells. Because when a brand resonates in the heart of the target audience, you have more than a casual consumer – you have a brand advocate.


Test pilots are among the smartest and best pilots in the fleet. They learn every nuance of a plane, take it thousands of feet into the air, and put it through its paces. Testing. Analyzing. Maneuvering. Then they go even further – pushing the plane, and themselves, to the limit. That’s exactly what we do with a brand. Because every brand has the potential to be great. But to do so, it needs to push itself. Dare to be different. That’s where we come in.


Whether you need a brand created from the ground up, have an existing brand that needs to be refreshed or need to completely overhaul your current brand, we have the expertise to take it to the next level.

Creativity is more than pretty images and informational copy. It’s about telling compelling stories, making connections and making your brand part of your customer’s life. It’s about creativity with a purpose.

Creating messaging without a strategy or plan is a complete waste of time and money. We will not waste either. Working with you, we’ll help identify your short- and long-term goals and develop effective plans and strategies to achieve those goals.

Ads, collateral and direct mail. Television commercials, videos and motion graphics. There are a lot of ways to reach your target through print and broadcast channels. We have the expertise to maximize all of them.

In a world where virtually everyone is connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer, it’s vital your brand become part of those experiences. We’ll use our digital and social expertise to help your brand become part of the fabric of their everyday lives.

When you immerse your target audience into your brand, you turn a brand tourist into a brand advocate. By creating these unique live experiences, we can make your brand story resonate with your customers and employees quicker than any other form of marketing.


With nearly five decades of combined experience in the advertising arena, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some pretty exceptional brands throughout our careers – helping them achieve heights they never thought possible.

The Team

Chris Tschantz

Chief Creative Officer / Copy

Eric Jacobs

Chief Creative Officer / Design

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